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Web Placements Ltd is excited to be able to offer a very unique product type for the Google Ads platform and that’s our Google Positions service.

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Why You’ll Love our Google Positions

Web Placements also offers its Google Positions product service. This service is for clients that would actively like to hold a top 3 position. The guarantee from Web Placements Ltd is that your website will hold a top 3 average position over the month for your keywords generating you solid traffic at an affordable monthly budget.

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So What Is Google Positions

Google Positions works in a similar way to our other product the Google Placements product however rather than fixing a top position the Google Positions service concentrates on ranking people’s campaigns in an average position across the Top 3 positions.

We find that the Google Positions service works especially well for businesses that have maybe low to medium budgets for their industry or even larger spending clients it simply depends on your keywords and reach. However running in a let’s say average position 2 for a larger amount of keywords and it coming in at a very reasonable fixed monthly price then this really does offer the best form of bang for your buck getting you found for a large amount of keywords in a consistent highly ranked campaign position.

How Do We Do a Top 3 Position?

Again, in similar fashion to the placements service we run a multitude of scripts and software that enables us to generate an average position across the top 3 rankings for a number of your major industry keyword types.

Depending on budget you can opt for a phrase match type giving your business almost endless amounts of keyword search phases that you can be found for all the while maintaining a high average position, helping your campaign to convert better than ever before.

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Some PPC agencies believe that getting you impressions and found for searches is sometimes good enough brand awareness… We’re different. We believe that you should be getting solid enquiries, phone calls, sales and repeat business generating your business more sales and growing your business.

We have a very strong growth mindset as an agency and each and every Google Certified Account Manager has the same vision, to benefit your business and generate more business for you.

Benefits of Google Positions

By being in a Top 3 position through Google Positions you will be found for more major sometimes more expensive keywords for a fraction of the cost.

  • Solid Visibility across your IP’d areas
  • Average position 1-3 across the 30 Days.
  • Runs month to month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fixed Monthly Fee

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