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A google placement simply is the ability to have your business rank in an average position of 1.1 or better for your major keywords in your industry, for a fixed monthly fee with no long-term contract.

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Flat Monthly Rates

The days of endless managing of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads campaign(s) are over. With our Fixed Flat monthly rates, you’ll know that the next month will cost exactly the same as the last, giving you power over your marketing budget and giving you better results than ever.

Our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If your placement is not approved or if your ads are not active & eligible within the first seven 7 business days of account creation, we offer a full refund no questions asked.

Get Found Online Now

Whenever the top searches are performed on Google, users will be able to find your website in the highest ranked positions. Time is of the essence! Our clients are typically online within 24 hours after account creation.

No Long-Term Commitments

Web Placements is a month-to-month service. In the rare instance you’re not seeing desired results; you can terminate your account so long as it is seven 7 business days before your account’s recurring date.

Why You’ll Love our Google Placements

With Web Placements on Google, your business will be seen instantly when a potential customer searches for the products or services you offer on the World’s Number 1 used search engine Google. This is how you connect with customers you don’t know yet. The Google Placements product gives you a fixed monthly fee and offering an assurance of a Number 1 Top Position. Our Average client listing is 1.1 and this fixed fee service is available exclusively through our company Web Placements Ltd.

Our TestimonialsGet In Touch

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So What is Google Placements Then?

Google Placements is a unique style service package that we offer clients as it gives your business the ability to consistently rank in a top position under your major industry keywords. We have successfully gotten SME sized businesses to a fixed top position above national bluechip brands under their industries most competitive keywords and it’s brought great results, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

That’s great, so how do you do it then?

We understand that businesses out there feel the importance of being the number 1 leading brand in their industry when potential customers are searching online.

So what we did as a company was create our own scripts and software that we derived and run, which when worked together enables your business keywords to rank in that all important number 1 position consistently without the threat of fluctuating so we are able to offer a client average position of 1.1 across any given month.

We Use Specialised Scripts To Help Secure Your No.1 Position

These specialist scripts consist of a multitude of things such as:

Negative Keyword Script

We run two negative keyword scripts that will auto mine negative keywords that are not relevant for each campaign keywords and generate large lists of redundant keywords. This enables people searching your keywords to get exactly what they are looking for on Google, Your business.

Auto-Adjustment Script

This script software enables us to position your keywords to an exact average position and maintain this by it working in conjunction with the other scripts within the account.

Geo-Targeting Script

This script ensures that your Ads are being displayed only to the people in your chosen IP and not from any other outside area. There is no point attracting business from places you cannot cover.

Close Variant Scrip

By us running this script it allows us to run your keywords in a more streamlined manner meaning that you will only be getting found for the exact keywords that you wish to be found for and not variations that will bring you irrelevant traffic and be less likely to convert into a sale. This means you get cleaner traffic for your best converting keywords.

Click Fraud & Spam Protection Script

This is a 2 way script where we offer a very small snippet code for you to place on the landing page of your Ads and this then stops your competition from over-clicking your campaign and dropping your Ads and average position. This script also stops marketing companies and traffic bots from clicking onto your ads and helps maintain your average position by blocking their IP addresses and not allowing your ads to be shown for them in future searches. This protects your Ads and ensures they are only ever displayed to real potential customers.

Misspelling Script

A self-explanatory script this one. You might have a business that sells carpet and is running the keyword ‘New Carpet’. A misspelling of this keyword would be ‘ New Car Pet’ where car and pet related products would be shown however so would your carpet company Ad usually which would bring you bad traffic and irrelevant clicks. This script eradicates every single misspelling type for every keyword combination so that you are found for the keywords you wish to be found for within your campaign. This helps drive better quality of traffic that is far more likely to convert.

So How Much Is This, It Sounds Expensive?

Firstly, let me tell you, being Number 1 is usually cheaper than you think. We actually often Save people money on their monthly spends and actually get them more for it. The quote is bespoke each and every time and consists of 3 things:

  1. What your keywords are as there is no limit on amount.
  2. Your IP areas that you wish to advertise yourself as the number 1 company.
  3. Your monthly budget you don’t want to go over.

Once we have all this information, we will obtain the best possible fixed price quote for your business and then schedule a call to discuss a live demo.

So, This Does Sound Good But How Can You Prove It?

We love a challenge and we enjoy showing business with our free 30-minute live demo in the number 1 position for their major keywords in order to prove our service before you commit. We do this every day for new and existing clients. Why not get a Free live demo yourself?

You Had Me At No.1, Where Do I Sign Up?

You don’t need too. We run this service on a month-to-month subscription basis meaning that you pay your fixed monthly fee for two reasons

  • You like the product and service
  • That the product works

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